The project undertaken at Mohammadwadi, Pune was unique. PMC, Bhujal Abhiyan and ACWADAM have come together to manage a large stream of groundwater and surface water. After studying aquifer map of the area and flow of water coming from nearby hill, a project was conceived. The work on project has already begun. The lake which is part of project will be seen as a beautiful answer to manage the groundwater. The project will enhance availability of groundwater to all downstream wells.

Another project is a formation of a bund with artificial lake along the track of a water stream. The recharge zone if preserved well would help preserve groundwater of the entire area down the stream.

Mohammadwadi - 4 March 2020

Mohammadwadi - 8 August 2019

Mohammadwadi - 12 June 2019

Mohammadwadi - 13 January 2020