Hydrogeology Basis

Hydrogeology is the study of the movement and dispersion of underground water in the rocks and soils of the earth's surface. Because water is the most important natural resource for mankind, it is critical to understand its distribution and movement in order to safeguard this resource.

Despite the fact that many parts of the world have sufficient water and adequate rainfall, there are still areas where the only source is underground water. Groundwater can be a life-saving resource during times of drought as well as a cost-effective way to stock seasonal water supplies.
To use your groundwater resources, you must install a well. Hydrogeologists at Bhujal Abhiyan can advise on the best location for a water supply well. Hydrogeologists can help you identify how deep the well must be.

What do Hydrogeologists at Bhujal Abhiyan do?

Hydro-geologists at Bhujal Abhiyan use geological maps and water samples from underneath the earth’s crust and also from the surface to get a full view of water flow beneath the earth’s crust.

We locate appropriate reserves and assess the amount of water that can be extracted without harming the ecosystem along with predicting the risks of pollution and ways to protect them.

Hydro-geologists at Bhujal can forecast the state of water sources, ways of extracting from it and conserving them.Thus hydrogeology is a critical component in the preservation of water.

Bhujal Abhiyan's Role in Hydrogeology

Bhujal Abhiyan is dedicated to instilling professional responsibility in environmental geologists, engineering geologists, and hydrogeologists. Members of the Bhujal Abhiyan contribute to public safety by conserving natural water resources and providing public information and education through its various programmes, which are led by experts and involve member participation in their communities. Bhujal Abhiyan Hydrogeologists seeks to maintain and increase public awareness of environmental geologists, engineering geologists, and hydrogeologists' responsibilities.

Our role is to apply fundamental geology knowledge to develop an understanding of how rock types and structure in an area influence groundwater occurrence and movement, and to provide solutions accordingly.

Bhujal Abhiyan Hydrogeologists also assist in the resolution of difficult contamination issues. We collaborate with experts in geology, wastewater, water supply, waste management, soils, and organizations that understand how to clean up pollution or contamination. We also assist with the design of new facilities to help prevent future contamination and improve the environment.