We are a group of social workers and hydro-geologists together, based in Pune. We basically came together and formed the NGO Bhujal Abhiyan to conserve an important aspect of ecology i.e. Groundwater. With advent of borewells, motor pump and cheaper electricity the groundwater is extracted rampantly by both urban and rural population. Groundwater is stored mainly in confined aquifers and is not unlimited. The rate of recharging the aquifers is very slow. As a result the safe water bank is being exploited.

10+ Locations

50+ Projects

350+ Volunteers

100+ Happy Donors

  • Workshops
  • Training Programs
  • Training Workshops
  • Awareness Program
  • Help and Promote Municipal Corporations
  • Community Groundwater Recharging Structure
  • Recharging Initiatives on Groundwater Levels


Open educational seminars and workshops for general public, corporates, volunteers etc

Training Programs

Training programs for volunteers and leaders.

Training Workshops

Training workshops for engineers, contractors, masons and implementers of Rainwater Harvesting systems.

Awareness Program

Awareness and sensitizing programs for lawmakers, political workers, leaders, municipal corporators,

Help and Promote Municipal Corporations

Help and Promote Municipal Corporations and state government to form Groundwater cells in corporations to monitor the quantity, quality of groundwater and to control the extraction of groundwater.

Community Groundwater Recharging Structure

Community Groundwater Recharging structures at all possible sites in Pune as well as all other cities

Recharging Initiatives on Groundwater levels

Studying the impact of recharging initiatives on groundwater levels and quality.

Awareness Program


Community Participation

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